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A big "Thank You" to everyone on this site for making such awesome work.


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Damien Mammoliti
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm a professional illustrator and game's artist, I draw a lot, all the time, every day. I've worked with clients like SEGA Europe and CD Projekt Red, I've been in publishings such as Wizards of the Coast and Paizo, I've shipped five or more game short, I'm pretty busy!

If you have an inquiry or freelancing opportunity, please note or email me at rivmammoli(at)


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Hey guys,

Just as a notice, I've got a small window of opportunity for commissions that I'm hoping to fill, so here is a breakdown of pricing:

$25/hr is the rate; typically each image will get a quote on hours after receiving a small description of the scope and complexity of the commission.  I've been working this system since January and it seems to be working well, so I'll be sticking to it for now!

On average, the hourly rates are as follows:

Sketch (averge 1-2hr): ~$25-50
Bust (average 4-6hr): ~$100-150
Full body character (average 8-10hr): ~$200-250
Full Illustration (average 12-20hr): ~$300-500

Prices are in USD simply because most of my clients are from the US and it's easier for everyone to understand the rates, as well as keep them low but manageable for my bills etc.

If you are at all interested, please send me a note or email (preferably email) @ rivmammoli(At)

Thank you guys for your continued interest in my work and for your interest in commissioning me :) For samples of commission work, you can easily flip through the gallery and see all images marked as "commission".

Take care!


L5R - Frightful Presence by damie-m
L5R - Frightful Presence
This was a card illustration for Legend of the Five Rings's Siege: Clan Wars deck done a while ago! This was before the IP was bought by FFG, so I worked with AEG on this. Of course, the description was like "skeleton samurai" and I was like "it's like you know me so well."  Enjoy! :)
Map - Cheliax by damie-m
Map - Cheliax
Now that the Hell’s Vengeance books have started to roll out and reveal the map, here is the Cheliax region I painted up for Paizo! I kind of love doing these maps, they’re great amounts of fun and lot of work with attention to detail. There will be the book version, and a slightly different version for poster-sized variations of the map!
Altais: Age of Ruin - Gravedigger by damie-m
Altais: Age of Ruin - Gravedigger
Here's a piece I did a little while ago for the finally-on-Kickstarter RPG setting, Altaris!

Here's what the KS explains (click for link!):
Altais: Age of Ruin - A dystopian fantasy RPG - Relaunch - A dystopian fantasy game about fallen kingdoms, quantum magic, and alien worlds. A dark backdrop against which heroes shine brightest.

So this is a giant ass corpse worm that is going to ruin your day.  If this seems like your cup of tea then check it out! Lots of great RPG stuff to be looking forward to :)
Tales of Arcana - Sasquatch by damie-m
Tales of Arcana - Sasquatch
Tales of Arcana is a card game currently running on Kickstarter and needs your help

The Kickstarter is in its last five days of funding! Right now it's met it's goal (hurrah!) but if you're wanting more cards and races, like Dragonkin or Kobolds, it still needs to meet some of its stretch goals :) 

Right here is one of the more unique playable races, the Sasquatch! It was a fun exercise to put some clothes on the myth and make them into a playable character. Lots of great ideas floating around for this card game, so if you're still interested there's a bit more time left to check it out!
Tales of Arcana - Minotaurs by damie-m
Tales of Arcana - Minotaurs

Tales of Arcana is a card game currently running on Kickstarter and needs your help

Here are the Minotaur race for the game! One thing I liked about designing the characters for this game is the diversity of the playable races, and the fact that they are all meant to be amalgamations of different cultures, but all very sensible and pragmatic in their own way.  

If you're interested in the game, you can download a sample for free on the KS page!


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