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A big "Thank You" to everyone on this site for making such awesome work.




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Damien M.
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm a professional illustrator and game's artist, I draw a lot, all the time, every day. I've been in publishings from Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Fantasy Flight, etc. I've worked with clients like SEGA Europe and CD Projekt Red, I've shipped four game short, I'm pretty busy!

If you have an inquiry or freelancing opportunity, please note or email me at rivmammoli(at)

Thanks for your understanding.
Enjoy the gallery!

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Someone had contacted me for advice on getting into freelancing and gaming.  I thought I'd share it over at my tumblr for anyone interested in that advice.  Hope it helps!


Gar Concept - Sigantium by damie-m
Gar Concept - Sigantium
Another piece for Sigantium, this is a character made by a fan through Facebook, having won a contest there.  He gave around 150 words to describe the look and feel of the character and I got to go with it! You can read more on their Facebook page.
Tenepsis-Sigantium by damie-m
I was asked "do you think you'd want to get started on our mummy professor" and I was like "Mummy professor? I am stopping everything right now for this shit"

Off of their Facebook page:

Tenepsis comes from the mirage filled, sandy wastes in the westernmost edges of the desert kingdoms. Ancient structures from forgotten civilizations are buried and un-buried by the never ending sandstorms that wrack the region. She had awoken from her tomb, remembering little of her former life, but much of her people's history and magic. Tenepsis set out across the wastes, drawn my an unknown and undying purpose.

Shahalidor came across her, eventually, and easily saw past the undead form she resided within. He sensed instead the talent, purpose, and exceptional magical knowledge she possessed. He knew her ability could be put to good use, educating his students and himself, on the forgotten magics from the ancient sand buried kingdoms of the west.

Students that do not do well with bugs, are not advised to take her classes. It is not uncommon for scarabs to wander out from beneath her wrappings and tour the classroom during her lectures.
Maedraeus Wryverns (Sigantium) by damie-m
Maedraeus Wryverns (Sigantium)
A piece depicting the size relations between Wyverns in the Sigantium setting.  Here's some information taken from their Facebook page:

This piece depicts the Maedraeus variety of kobold, drake, and wyrven. The line of Maedraeus draconic species extends down from the young dragon Mordrighor, offspring of the elder dragons Stygius and Phaerynfirah. The fecundity of Mordrighor is evidenced by the large amount of creatures and individuals that hail from the southern and rockier regions of the desert kingdoms that exhibit Maedraeus draconic features, facilitated by the wake of Mordrighor's taint in the region since his birth more than a thousand years ago.
Daznath The Necromancer by damie-m
Daznath The Necromancer
More for the Sigantium project, this guy is the Necromancer professor.  Here's a little snippet from their facebook page:

Daznath skirts the lines of many classifications, at the Sigantium academy and in his own allegiances. Daznath is a master of necromancy, particularly the specific forbidden magics of Stygian Necromancy, which draws power from the Stygian orb that is planted deep beneath the western kingdoms, put there long ago by the since slain dragon. Daznath's exceptional magical acumen has placed him in the position of a student teacher, outside of normal student hierarchy, but still furthers his learning and adjustment to interpersonal interactions which he has difficulty with.

Daznath is quick to dismiss any foolish musings about his devotion to a dead dragon, or any kind of baseless rumors of ulterior motives or malign intents, all while he shifts about and wrings his claws maniacally.
Stygius, The Dreaded Demon Dragon by damie-m
Stygius, The Dreaded Demon Dragon

Since I’ve seen this posted in a couple places so far, I’m gonna just post it and do some promo work!  Here’s a great and beautiful necromantic dragon by the name of Stygius for the upcoming project Sigantium.  A description of this guy is taken from Xephyriel over @ DA:

 He wreaked havoc on the kingdom of the High elves during the outbreak of the second Demon War. Stygius effectively genocided the High elves and the handful that survived, drove him mad with rage, a rage that destroyed the eastern regions, leaving them to be known now as the desolate “Desert kingdoms.”

More on the Sigantium project, and of course, more upcoming art will be revealed over at their Facebook page (and cross posted at my local galleries, I suppose :) ).



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